25th – 26th July, 2011

And the past week’s data including this:

Not really any noticeable increase overnight even though it started raining about 12:15AM. What can explain this?

Here is a sample from Environment Canada’s satellite imagery overnight UTC -7.

Looks like the weather is coming from the West and the rain didn’t bring anything measurably higher with it.

On a related theme, I went to the Canadian Radiological Monitoring Network website today. Try the link. Here’s what I found: An index page with links to:
Who we are: (Quote) “The Canadian Radiological Monitoring Network (CRMN) and laboratory facilities are operated by Health Canada to provide Canadians with accurate health assessments regarding existing levels of radioactivity and nuclear/radiological accidents from a national perspective. The Canadian Radiological Monitoring Network is managed by the Radiation Surveillance and Health Assessment Division, Radiation Protection Bureau (RPB).”
Sounds good…
Monitoring Data:
Choice of three different types of radiation data:
Gamma Emitting Radionuclide Activities in Air – Data from 2007-01-08 to 2007-12-06
Gross Beta Activity in Air – Data from 2007-10-02 to 2008-06-25
And External Radiation Dose Measurement – Quarterly data up to the first quarter of 2009
All from the only monitoring station in the BC mainland (there are 5 on Vancouver island), Vancouver.
Guess they must have run out of funding… says they are managed by the “Radiation Protection Bureau (RPB). Glad they have an acronym makes it sound official don’t you think? Standing on guard for thee?

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