23rd – 24th July, 2011

No rain last night and satellite shows weather movement is from the SW.

Here is the overnight data 23rd to 24th July, 2011:

And here is the data from the 14th:

The elevated readings echo the same pattern but much lower. Why it’s higher overnight I don’t know yet. A couple of nights have had lower readings since the 14th.
If radiation were being released from a facility in Washington state on a daily basis that may account for some of the high readings when the weather was moving up here from the south. Coupled with the rainfall could be why those readings were so much higher. The low reading days have both been when the weather was not coming from that direction according to the satellite pictures.
Why there was a (albeit lower) peak last night when there was no rain and a different weather direction, I don’t know. Anyway I’ll keep posting these readings as long as feasible.

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