Return of radiation monitor posting

your browser does not support the canvas tag The number in the yellow circle is how this 24hour reading would to appear on the Radiation Network Map. I'll put the yellow circle at the top of each post.

Today marks the return of the Lumby Watch radiation monitoring program after several months absence.
In the interim I have had my RM-60 serviced by Aware Electronics and have added the "fan filter attachment" to the RM for "nuclear flea" (radioactive particles airborne on dust) detection. Here is output from AW-graph, Aware's graphics program, for a 24 hour period 26th to 27th January, 2012.
The RM-60 is attached outside, under a roof eave with the fan filter running.The average reading is 14.33 Counts per minute (CPM) which is 13.64 ┬ÁR/hr calibrated to Caesium 137. The fan filter isn't collecting any significant airborne particles at this point since the reading is about what I would expect without the attachment. I have the unit mounted about 15 feet above ground level so airborne Radon is kept to a minimum (readings are usually higher near the ground since Radon is heavier than air. (see the monitoring information page for information on the fan filter showing detection of Radon daughters in the basement area of the house).

Here's the same data with 10 minute and 60 minute running averages. This helps to see level fluctuation patterns. To view larger size, click on the image to open in it's own window

Click to open enlarged in new window

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