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Welcome to Lumby Watch

At the moment, I am presenting my efforts at keeping an eye on the background radiation here on Lumby Watch.
My most recent radiation readings can be seen by clicking on the “Daily Average Charts” menu item above.

Videos of local council meetings etc. can be found at http://vimeo.com/channels/lumbywatch

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  1. Hi Please help if you can…

    I just received this email from a fellow green in British Columbia, Canada who had some concern over testing done on the filters from his vehicle. He found 1 miliseivert of radiation in the air filter and the same amount in the dust from the top of his green house. Can anyone here explain what level of danger this poses?
    He claims he had an engineer who told him that 1msv = 1000 usv, 5usv is max exposure. This would mean we are 200 times over that.
    The test was completed just a day ago(October 18, 2011)

    Any information would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks for paying attention,

    Steven Kaasgaard
    WildGreens, Canada

    • admin says:

      Sorry I can’t give you a definitive answer as to the danger posed by the levels indicated in the tests. As far as I know, if these readings are mSv/hr then they are indeed high. Taking readings from air filters gives an acccumulated reading of the radionuclides present in the air drawn through the filter. To get a more meaningful sample, knowing the amount of air drawn through the filter prior to the test would allow calculation of the concentration per unit volume for comparison to normal accumulations. However if the dust on the greenhouse is also high then it seems there may be significant concentrations of radioactive dust present. Without analysing this dust one can’t speculate on the origin of these radioactive particles.
      I would advise your friend to contact his local MP and MLA with this data and express his concern. We need to keep on reminding governments that they are there to serve us – the electorate. Letters to the editor might be useful to get some action on backup monitoring and government assistance in helping identify the composition of the dust and remedial action to take.
      Hope this helps.
      My monitoring on Lumby Watch will be out of action for a few weeks (sorry) while I revise my methods. I hope to be doing some radionuclide monitoring when I resume. Thanks for your patience.

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